The Greatest Story Ever Told

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The Greatest Story Ever Told
By the Men at Canal Church of Christ

Key Verse: 1 Cor. 15.1-5

Introduction: This is the story of the centerpiece of the Bible, our hope of salvation, our Christianity, this is the greatest story ever told, This is the story of the Gospel.


I. Chapter One: Christ Died

A. The Greatest Tragedy

1. We are all guilty of putting Christ on the Cross (Rm. 3.23; 6.23; Heb. 10.29; Rev. 20.14; 21.8)

2. Christ’s death was necessary (Gen. 4.4; 8.20, 31-54; Heb. 9.22, 10.4; 1 Pt. 1.18, 19; Rm. 5.9; Mt. 26.28)

3. Christ death was a tragedy because all men have failed to avoid sin which is why the cross is needed.

B. The Greatest Gift

1. Thankfully God is not just a God of justice but a God of love (1 Jn. 4.8)

2. As a God of love, He desires that none should be lost to sin (2 Pt. 3.9)

3. How can God be just and punish sins, and at the same time be a justifier of sinners?

4. God’s Answer: “I will pay the price Myself; I will send My Son to suffer the penalty for the sins of mankind.” (Jn. 3.16; 1 Jn.                           4.10)

II. Chapter 2: Christ was Buried

A. Greatest Burial:

1. Jesus is buried (Mt. 27.59, 60; Lk. 23.50-53; Jn. 18.38-40)

2. Allows us to follow His example and be buried in baptism

B. Greatest Personal Burial (Rm. 6.3; Col. 2.12)

1. Christ commanded to be baptized (Jn. 14.15)

2. When we do we spiritually die to our sins (Rm. 6.4).

III. Chapter Three: Christ Arose

A. The Greatest Act

B. The Greatest Miracle

1. Shows us that Jesus is the Son of God (Rm. 1.4, Jn. 20.6-8)

2. Shows is we have a living savior 5.10; Heb. 2.16-18, 4.15-16, 7.25; Mt. 18.20; Rm. 5.10)

3. It shows that we can be saved (Rm. 6.4-6; 1 Cor. 15.20-26)

Conclusion: The story of the Gospel is central of Christianity— It shows us that our sins have been taken care of, it shows us how to follow   Christ’s example, and it gives us evidence of our faith, assurance that Christ is with us, and salvation from Hell.
This is salvation, this is proof, this is the Gospel!

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