Canal Church of Christ’s Second Bible Lectureship

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For the second year in a row, Canal Church of Christ is proud to host its spring Bible lectureship.

This years topic: It’s All Greek to Me!

Back in the first century God saw fit to have the writers of New Testament record His will in the universal language at the time: Koine Greek.

While we can accurately translate the Bible into English, some of our words fall short of capturing the power and beauty of the original Greek. Come and learn a few of these words and the meaning behind them and walk away from this event with a greater appreciation of God’s inspired Word.

Schedule of Events:

Saturday, April 28:

10:00 AM: πίστις (Pistis, Faith)-Scott Judge

11:00 AM: Χριστός (Christos, Christ)-Dale Parsley

12:00 PM: Lunch- Generously provided by the Members of Canal Church of Christ (Please RSVP so we can get an accurate count)

1:30 PM: áγάπη (Agapé, Love)- Scott Pauley

2:30 PM: βαπτίζω (Baptizō, Faith)- Steve Haguewood

Sunday, April 29:

Key Note Speaker, Michael Foresha, Will Be Handling All Topics Today

9:30 AM- μαθητής (Mathétés, Disciple)

10:30 AM- εúαγγέλιον (Euaggelion, Gospel).

12:00 PM- Potluck Lunch

1:30 PM- σωτήρ (Sótér, Savior)

(The 1:30 session will conclude our Sunday Worship Services.)

RSVP on our Facebook page or call (740) 941-0432 and leave a message.

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